Avocado Pudding with Chocolate Layer


I love avocado the most. Ya ya ya, maybe that’s why my body look like this. Haha. You know what? Avocado contain unsaturated fatty acid that good for your health. Whatever you eat, it’s good, provided that the amount is not too much or little. I love this food because of taste, color and texture. The taste of avocado pudding is so good, and also the chocolate layer, the taste of chocolate is very strong. The texture is very soft. And the color, nice green with chocolate. Completly perfect! But don’t eat too much because this food contain high calory and fat :p.

Ingredients :

Avocado pudding

1 pck plain jelly powder

300 g avocado flesh, make puree

400 ml fresh milk

150 g sugar

1/2 teaspoons vanili powder

a little green dye

Chocolate layer

250 ml fresh milk

100 g dark cooking chocolate (DCC), cut into small

50 g sugar

1 egg yolk

1 tabelspoons maizena flour

How to make :

1. Cook avocado, milk, jelly powder, sugar and vanili until boiling.

2. Pour into the glass. And wait until it’s hard.

3. Chocolate layer : cook DCC, milk, sugar until DCC melt.

4. Mix egg yolk with maizena flour, give a little milk batter, mix well.

5. Pour into milk batter and cook until viscous and boiling, and put in the surface of avocado pudding.

6. Save in refrigerator until freeze and serve in cold.


Author: Rizky Udhiyah >>> Life Puzzle

Indonesian | Bekasi | passionate about cooking especially sweet food, traveling, reading and watching | breads and banana lovers | dreaming to bring Indonesian traditional snacks to the world | dreaming, doing & believing | Try telling stories and sharing through a particle of ink that bundled in this blog. Please, enjoy it! Follow, comment, and let's blogging... :D

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