Mangos and Sweet Potato Pudding


Some months ago, I had a lot of mangos which are delivered by my grandma. So, I made this recipe. Consist of two layers, mangos pudding and sweet potato cake. Good combination of taste, texture, and color.. Let’s try this recipe at your home!

Ingredients of sweet potato cake :

200 g steam yellow sweet potato, make puree

200 g sugar

1 egg

2 yolk

1,5 tablespoons melted margarine

150 ml sweet evaporated milk, add 150 ml water

25 g wheat flour medium protein

25 g maizena

1/2 teaspoons vanili

Ingredients mangos pudding (mix together, cook until make seethe) :

1 mango, blender

1 pck white jelly

a little sugar

1/4 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoons vanili

150 g sweet evaporated milk

750 ml water

How to make :

1. Sweet potato cake : mix and whisk egg, sugar, and vanili until white and viscous. Add sweet potato, sweet evaporated milk, and melted margarine while stirring gently until blended.

2. Add wheat flour and maizena, stir until blended.

3. Put in round pan, D = 22 cm or square pan 20 x 20 x 7 cm that has been spread w/ margarine.

4. Steam for 30 minute.

5. Pour the liquid of mangos pudding and put in refrigerator.

6. Serve in cold.


Author: Rizky Udhiyah >>> Life Puzzle

Indonesian | Bekasi | passionate about cooking especially sweet food, traveling, reading and watching | breads and banana lovers | dreaming to bring Indonesian traditional snacks to the world | dreaming, doing & believing | Try telling stories and sharing through a particle of ink that bundled in this blog. Please, enjoy it! Follow, comment, and let's blogging... :D

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