Dear diary

I don’t know what kind of feeling it is. I just feel uncomfortable with all of this. I’m not understand why these happened to me. I’m not understand the meaning of the days we had done. I can’t trust the words that you gave to me. And now i don’t know what i must to do. I want everything just like in the past, but it’s not easy. Yeaaah, just let it flow maybe, and we will see what will happen. Whatever will happen in the future, hope it will the best way for us..


Author: Rizky Udhiyah >>> Life Puzzle

Indonesian | Bekasi | passionate about cooking especially sweet food, traveling, reading and watching | breads and banana lovers | dreaming to bring Indonesian traditional snacks to the world | dreaming, doing & believing | Try telling stories and sharing through a particle of ink that bundled in this blog. Please, enjoy it! Follow, comment, and let's blogging... :D

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